Results of Activity: Debate - Role play

 Date: April 2016

The debate was a great surprise for all of us. Admittedly, it was well thought out and organized, yet we did not expect it to be such a success, taking into consideration the fact that the students had to argue in the English language not in their mother tongue.

The debate was in the balance, with the two teams presenting rational and original arguments and counterarguments. The audience posed accurate questions which sometimes put the speakers in an awkward position who, in turn, had to escape from the prepared text and improvise and invent persuasive ideas. The outcome of the debate was, finally, settled by the last pair of speakers, with the audience deciding in favour of the water bottling plant. The part of the public who voted in favour of this project, then chose 2 representatives who justified this decision and set their requirements to the mayor and the plant owner.

There follows the video of the debate.




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