Result of Activity: Radio program

Date: 15 April 2016

esrlogoOn Friday 14 April 2016, the last day of our 2nd short-term exchange in Patra-Greece, a team of 5 students from all participating countries created a radio program inspired by the meeting. They talked about the activities which took place during the meeting, the sights, the food, the host families and their impressions in general.

Results of Activity: Debate - Role play

 Date: April 2016

The debate was a great surprise for all of us. Admittedly, it was well thought out and organized, yet we did not expect it to be such a success, taking into consideration the fact that the students had to argue in the English language not in their mother tongue.

Video spots: Tips to be sustainable

Date: April 2016

We need to adopt a more sustainable way of life. Water is a valuable resource and water conservation can help save money and it can help save the environment.

Kahoot  game

Date: April 2016

The Greek team created a quiz (Kahoot game) using the online platform “Kahoot” in order to to summarize the 2nd meeting discussions in just a few lines .The quiz includes various questions which were mostly about the topic of water,  a topic that was covered by a variety of activities during the meeting, the answers of which should be familiar to the participating students.

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