Activity: Creating CLIL lessons

Date: April 2016

Four CLIL lessons were created for the 2nd short-term exchange meeting in Greece.

A mixed team of students made an experiment in the chemistry lab with younger students from the primary and junior school of Vrachneika . The theme of the experiment was “Water consumption”. The results are going to be processed by the Spanish team and afterwards they will be published in the webpage.

Two more CLIL lesson plans were created for this meeting. The first one by the Belgian team with the topic: “Saving water in the kitchen and in the bathroom”. The second by the German team with the topic: “Playing a domino - repeat and intensify facts and vocabulary about water as a resource”. During this meeting the Belgian and German teams explained the CLIL lessons to the rest of the participants, they all together made all the necessary changes and finally they went to the junior high school of Vrachneika and taught them to the 2nd class.

Finally, the third CLIL lesson was a questionnaire about water habits. It was made in cooperation by the Spanish and Greek team. Pupils from the primary school were invited to answer this questionnaire online in the computer lab. This questionnaire is also going to be given to younger pupils in the next two meetings in Germany and Spain. At the end of this project the final results will be published on the webpage.

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