Activity: Creating CLIL lessons

Date: April 2016

Four CLIL lessons were created for the 2nd short-term exchange meeting in Greece.

A mixed team of students made an experiment in the chemistry lab with younger students from the primary and junior school of Vrachneika . The theme of the experiment was “Water consumption”. The results are going to be processed by the Spanish team and afterwards they will be published in the webpage.

Evaluation Activity

Date: March-April 2016

Objective: To evaluate whether the visit had made an impact on the students or not.

Before and after our second mobility meeting in Patras, Greece, about 40 students (18 students of them were NOT from Greece) had to answer questions in an online questionnaire, created by the German team with the help of the Greek team.

Activity: Creating a Radio program

Date: 15 April 2016

esrlogo In order to disseminate our Erasmus+ project activities a team of 5 students from all participating countries created a radio program which is going to be broadcast by European School Radio (ESR) on Monday, 23rd May 2016 at 18:00 (Greek time).

Activity: Debate - Role play

Date: January 2016

Activity: Creating a Kahoot  game

Date: April 2016

The Greek team created a quiz (Kahoot game) using the online platform “Kahoot” in order to to summarize the 2nd meeting discussions in just a few lines .

Activity: Experience cooperative teaching method outside classroom

Topic:The use of Water”

Date: April 2016

Radio Spot about water - General Lyceum of Vrachneika

Date: 21.03.2016

esrlogoIn order to celebrate the International Day of Water, 22nd March, the Greek students Eleanna Nikolopoulou from Vrachneika's High School, in cooperation with Mirto Choraiti-Sideri from Vrachneika's Junior High School, created a radio spot in which they presented 10 International facts about Water.

Activity: Experience cooperative teaching method outside classroom

Topic:Mesolongi lagoon - Desalination”

Date: April 2016

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