Activity: Creating CLIL lessons

Date: 23 November 2016

On Wednesday all the guests plus five German students met to prepare the CLIL activities to teach the younger kids at Brede Schools about waste.Four international groups were formed, each group with at least one German student and the student who has created the activity. The activities themselves have already been created before the meeting.The Belgium, Greek and Spanish team all had the idea to develop a game: a board game from Greece, a Lotto, Memory and Quartet game from Belgium and a recycling card game from Spain.

The German team prepared a lesson about new ideas and possibilities of recycling plastic waste.Before the four groups went to the classes, they talked about the rules of the games and tried them.The team with the German CLIL lesson prepared some photos and materials for the lesson.Finally, all the groups went to a grade 5, 6 or 7 to teach the kids about waste. The kids really enjoyed the different activities and the Erasmus+- teams worked very well as a group.

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