Activity 2: Presentation of prepared videos about “My week without plastic”

Date: 21 November 2016

We know that making a video is by far the best way to show emotions, motivations, and core of a project. Making a video is a challenge worth taking on, and it proves that our students care enough about what they’re doing and they are able to share what they had learnt.The aim of this activity was to find out what daily life is like in Belgium, Germany, Greece and Spain if you have to live without plastic as much as possible.

The videos were created before the meeting in Germany in the four countries. The task was to live without plastic as much as possible for a certain period of time the students were allowed to choose themselves, e.g. for a day. During the meeting in Germany, the videos were watched and it was discussed what is easy and what is hard if you have to avoid as much plastic as possible.

Watch the videos about how to avoid plastic waste



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