Activity: Farewell swap party

Date: 25 November 2017

The aim of the farewell swap party was to celebrate a party with as little waste as possible and to swap items the students do not need anymore.The food for the party was ordered by a party service. Since the food was served on real plates and real cutlery was used, the only waste which was produced were some napkins. The plates and cutlery were cleaned by the party service for one Euro per person. The food which was left over was eaten up by different teachers from Brede Schools during an in-house training the next day. Thus, also here nearly no waste was produced. At the end of the party, there was less than half a bin of waste.

Moreover, everyone was asked to bring three items he or she did not need anymore to swap it with a person who will make use of it in the future. The students and teachers swapped a lot of items, especially clothes. The clothes which were left over because no one wanted to use them anymore were donated to poor people.

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