Activity 8: Using ICT-Tools“ – How to find the perfect location for an incinerator by using GIS

Date: 25 November 2016

On Friday, the group went to the University of Applied Sciences in Höxter to meet Prof. Maas, who teaches Geo-Informatics at this school.First, Prof. Maas taught the students about Geo-Informatics and how we can analyse and use the data.Afterwards, the students got the task to find the perfect place for an incinerator plant in the area around Höxter. Of course, there were certain criteria, for example it should not be too close to residential areas or natural reserves.

The professor guided the students through the programme and after they all had known about the basics, the students formed teams to work with the programme on their own and find the best place for the plant. At the end, all teams presented their results in form of a map in front of the group. 

See the results


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