Activity: Zero Waste Talk

Date: 23 November 2016

After the CLIL activities all Erasmus+ participants and all the students from grade 10 met in the assembly hall to listen to a talk about zero waste given by Shia Su and her husband. Shia Su is a German blogger living in Bochum. After visiting the recycling plant on Tuesday and seeing all the waste which is produced, it was very interesting to get ideas how we can produce less or almost “Zero Waste”. One suggestion was to “Do it yourself”. It is very easy to produce your own shampoo or washing powder, just to mention two examples. Furthermore, we can avoid a lot of waste by using our own bags or containers when we go shopping and buy goods in bulk stores which are not wrapped in plastic.

Another idea was to reuse or borrow items instead of buying new goods all the time. In this context, Shia mentioned the possibility of swapping clothes which gave the students an idea for the swap party which was planned for Friday.

In order to see the result of the lecture, we decided to represent the experience in a wordcloud made by our students.

zero1  Zero2  Zero3 


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