Kick – off meeting for coordinators in Greece (Patras) 20 - 23.10.2015

The first official transnational meeting between the coordinators of each school was held by the General Lyceum of Vrachneika near the city of Patras (Vrachneika). The Spanish school was represented by Jose Maria Peiro who is the EU coordinator of the project, the Belgian school was represented by Henk Moerman, the German school was represented by Stefanie Reichelt and the Greek school was represented by Thomas Sofias, Maria Vasiou and Margarita Mpista.


The purpose of the meeting was to organize the project in every detail. The meeting focused on the following issues:

  • The EU coordinator presented to all partners involved in the project the evaluation of the application by the Erasmus + National Agency of Spain.
  • The partners planned all the appropriate activities that are to be carried out during the project and they also agreed upon the results that are expected upon the completion of the project. Furthermore, they defined and agreed upon the tasks and the responsibilities of each partner.
  • The EU coordinator shared information about the budget control of the project and each partner provided the working team with the information needed regarding each National Agency.
  • An acronym for the project was produced (4sustainable)
  • The basic structure of the webpage was presented and the domain name was agreed upon (
  • The dates of the next two meetings were confirmed.
  • We decided to organize a contest for the logo of our project and discussed the way it will be accomplished.
  • We organized all the actions which will take place before and during the next meeting in Belgium on January 2016 and in Greece on April 2016.
  • We discussed all the details concerning the organization of the meetings with students (invitations, meeting schedule, transport, choosing the host families, students profiles, parents official statements etc.)
  • We created the necessary material for the actions that will take place in Belgium.
  • A lot of other details were discussed.

During these days, except from working hard, our visitors had the opportunity to tour themselves around the city of Patras, to enjoy Greek food, to meet and discuss with several teachers and students and generally they came in contact with the Greek culture and the Greek civilization. It is worth to mention that they visited the Athens' historical centre, the Acropolis as well as the museum of Acropolis.



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