2nd Transnational meeting 

Veurne-Belgium 28th September - 1st Oktober 2016.


DSC02520The second transnational meeting took place in Veurne, Belgium and was attended by all the coordinators from Belgium, Greece, Germany and Spain.
After the first project year and the first two mobility meetings the following topics have been discussed:DSC02523
  • Progress report analysis: All the partners had to write a progress report for their National Agencies. Belgium and Spain already got a feedback which gave us some ideas what to improve or change during the next project year. We collected ideas about the website and further dissemination of the project.
  • Tasks distribution: There are still some things that have to be improved. We decided to upload all the material on e-twinning, change the graphs showing the questionnaires results and analyse the results. Furthermore we started to collect all the CLIL activities for the e-book.
  • We agreed on a few additions to improve the website (feedbackbutton, game).
  • We made sure everyone fills in the correct information in the mobility tool.
  • We searched for possibilities regarding the dissemination: Contact universities, look for conferences…
  • 3rd Mobility Meeting in Brakel (November 2016): The programme was presented by the German coordinator.DSC02535
  • 4th Mobility Meeting in Barcelona (March 2017): A draft version of the programme was presented by the Spanish coordinator.

After almost two years of working together in a team and a very efficient way of communication online it was very easy to follow the agenda. Everything was very well organized and prepared and everyone knows what to do and prepare for the meetings.











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