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1st Short-Term exchange

Annuntiata-instituut Veurne



17th - 23th January 2016


 In the first mobility meeting held in Veurne, Belgium, from January 17th to January 23rd 2016 students and teachers of all delegations got to know each other via ice-breaking pz DSC00035activities and a walking quiz in the centre of Veurne.

The self-developed card game was tested. Erasmus+- students developed a series of games which were tested with younger pupils, who knew little or no English at all. Through these games not only their knowledge of in-season vegetables and fruits improved, but their English speaking skills as well.pz DSC00479

Two cooking workshops were organized. In the first one, Belgian students from the vocational department care taught the foreign Erasmus+ students how to make a km0 vegetable soup. The Erasmus+ students had to buy the ingredients at the local market, had to wash and chop the vegetables and afterwards both “teachers and learner" students went to all  Annuntiata institute classes to serve their soup to all the pupils, teachers and staff. They also gave a short presentation of our project.

In the second cooking workshop other students from the care department helped foreign Erasmus+-students to make cakes and biscuits which were offered to the guest families on Thursday's family meeting. This family meeting was a typical Belgian evening. First there was a short presentation pz DSC00564of what had been done so far for our project "4sUStainable". Then all parents, teachers and students enjoyed a series of “tapas” brought and prepared by the foreign partners, typical Belgian French fries and the cakes and biscuits made by the students.

There was a special workshop called: “insects, nutrition for the future”. This workshop was introduced by a presentation from An Callens, a researcher from VIVES-college. In this presentation she explained what the advantages of eating insects in the future will be. After the presentation our students learned more about certain insects, tasted them and then had to make a word-cloud with their impressions.

In Brussels, Europe's Capital, we visited the European Parliament and the interactive museum "Parlamentarium" and we were introduced to the structure, pz DSC00142work and responsibilities of all European organizations. The city-centre was explored via means of a self-developed murder game, based on Cluedo. Through a series of questions and tasks the students had to find out who was murdered, where and with what weapon. In Bruges, the beautiful West-Flemish capital, students had to do a walking-quiz in mixed-nationality groups. There they got an insight in Bruges’ history and its links with Belgian food history.

To conclude a very successful meeting and strengthen the friendship among each other, the students enjoyed ice-skating in the ice-skating hall of Bruges Boudewijn Seapark.

When all the activities were over, the teachers had a thorough meeting. During this meeting there was evaluation of the activities undertaken so far and we furhter agreed on the ones to be done at the next meetings. A new concept of the website was also introduced.











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