Video spots: Tips to be sustainable

Date: April 2016

During the Erasmus+ meeting in Veurne (Belgium) the Greek, Spanish, German and Belgian students learned how to make a km0 vegetable soup.

They bought the ingredients at the local market in Veurne.By creating this video, the Belgian students looked back on this activity. In this animation video two students, Orphee Decroos and Anouk Vanden Broucke, check how they can make carrot soup in a sustainable way! They don’t go to the supermarket, but they cultivate the carrots themselves. From ‘seeds’ to ‘carrots’ to ‘carrot soup’… the process takes some time, but the result is… D E L I C I O U S !!

The spanish team, INS Joan Salvat Papasseit, has created a short film on how important is to eat healthy food.


In this animated video the Greek team presents how Fedra convinced her father to adopt healthy eating habits.

Some German students visited a normal farm and a Bio farm to find out the differences.

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