Activity 5. Insects Lecture & Wordcloud

Date: January 2016

On Wednesday January 20th, our students attended a lecture about how Insects could be a good nutrition for the future. This conference was conducted by Dr. An Callens from the VIVES University College, a well known researcher in food technology. 

During the lecture, our students were able to taste some of the insects Dr. Callens brought, as well as discover which insect products are already found in the market (hamburgers, meatballs, chips, etc..).

In order to see the result of the lecture, we decided to represent the experience in a wordcloud made by our students. To do so, we divided the class into eight teams and each group chose 10 words that described and defined the given lecture. These words chosen had to summarize the theme of the lecture, the most important points and also how eating insects made them feel.

Finally, we shared all of our words and compared them, paying attention to which ones were the most used and why.

With that outcome list, we created a wordcloud using an app named “Wordle” which is a freeware app to generate “wordcloud” from text that you provide. The words that appear more frequently in the given text are bigger in the “cloud” and the ones that appear the least are smaller. The colours can also be changed, so we used that to highlight the most important words.


A part of the lecture

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