Activity 2: Logo contest

Date: November 2015


Task1: Each country has to organise a local logo contest. Every student who wants to participate in the contest should create a logo using the project acronym (4sustainable) and also some of the elements such as our four country flags, the four topics our project is based on (water, energy, waste, food), the word “Erasmus”, etc.. Afterwards, each country should choose their two top logos and upload them into the specific folder on Google drive. Deadline for this activity will be Monday 23rd of November.

Task 2: Once all the logos are uploaded, each Erasmus+ team will decide which three logos they want to vote for. We can not vote for our own logos and will not know which logos belong to which country. We will only vote for 3 logos, giving 5 points to the best one, 3 points to the second one and 1 point to the third one.

 Task 3: On Friday 27th of November at 12:30 p.m. we will have a video conference on Skype in which the voting will take place. Each country will give their votes in alphabetical order (Belgium, Germany, Greece and Spain) and we will add all the votes. At the end, we will have the winner and the logo for the project will have been chosen.


1.    Logos produced with tasks 1 and 2.

2.    The official project logo chosen in task 3.      (See the results)

3.    The video conference on Skype.      (See photos & videos)

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