Evaluation Activity

Date: January - February 2016


To evaluate whether the visithad made an impact on the students or not.

Activity 4. On a detective tour in Brussels!

Date: January 2016

Activity 7. Cooking workshop2: Desserts

Date: January 2016


Students can make kmo friendly desserts.

Activity 3. Km0 card game

Date: January 2016


 To get students more acquainted with season’s vegetables and fruit and km0.

Activity 6. Cooking workshop1:   km0 vegetable soup

Date: January 2016


Main objective Students can make kmo vegetable soup.

Other objectives:

  • Students improve their English vocabulary: list of ingredients and typical cooking instructions

Youtube videos  “Tips to be sustainable” collection channel : a collection of all the 20-30 second video tips

Date: February-April 2016

We know that making a video is by far the best way to show emotions, motivations, and core of a project. Making a video is a challenge worth taking on, and it proves that our students care enough about what they’re doing and they are able to share what they had learnt.

Activity 5. Insects Lecture & Wordcloud

Date: January 2016

On Wednesday January 20th, our students attended a lecture about how Insects could be a good nutrition for the future. This conference was conducted by Dr. An Callens from the VIVES University College, a well known researcher in food technology. 

Activity 2: Logo contest

Date: November 2015


Task1: Each country has to organise a local logo contest. Every student who wants to participate in the contest should create a logo using the project acronym (4sustainable) and also some of the elements such as our four country flags, the four topics our project is based on (water, energy, waste, food), the word “Erasmus”, etc.. Afterwards, each country should choose their two top logos and upload them into the specific folder on Google drive. Deadline for this activity will be Monday 23rd of November.

Create collaboratively - Teach locally - Share globally - Act sustainably

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