Evaluation Activity

Date: March 2017

Objective: To evaluate whether the visithad made an impact on the students or not.

Before and after our second mobility meeting in Barcelona, Spain, students had to answer questions in an online questionnaire, created by the German and Spanish team.

Activity: Presentation of prepared videos about “How to Save Energy”

Date: 21 November 2016

We know that making a video is by far the best way to show emotions, motivations, and core of a project. Making a video is a challenge worth taking on, and it proves that our students care enough about what they’re doing and they are able to share what they had learnt.

 Activity: Self presentation using Voki

Date: January 2017

Task: Students who participate in the 4th short-term exchange meeting should sign up for free in the Voki application (www.voki.com). They should create their avatar that speaks in English. They have to record themselves presenting their profile. They should mention only their first name, nationality, hobbies and nutritional habits so that partner choice is made at random with no prejudice or bias in favor of or against anybody.

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