3 Lectures to future primary and secondary teachers at the University of Barcelona

DateNovember 23rd, 2016; March 24th & April 6th, 2017

On three different days, our EU coordinator, Jose Maria Arenas, gave a presentation on the main elements and results of our project at the University of Barcelona. These lectures took place at three different faculty schools. The first one was a collaboration with Prof. Eulalia Esclapes Turro from the Pedagogical Department of UB, on November 23rd 2016, at the School of Primary Graduate Education.

The second one was a collaboration with Prof. Joan Albert Rius from the Visual Arts and Pedagogical Innovation Department, on March 24th 2017, at the Fine Arts School. The last one, on April 6th 2017, took place at the Social Studies and Philosophy School that was a collaboration with Prof. Jordi Saez Pueyo from the Philosophy Department. These three lectures gave us the opportunity to reach a target of over 300 future primary and secondary teachers and also some university professors that showed a great interest in all of the work done by our 4sUStainable.eu Erasmus+ project. 



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