GREECE: Participation in 7th Student Festival of Digital Creativity

Date: 27th April 2017

On Thursday, 27 April 2017, the Greek Erasmus+ team with the Greek coordinator Mr. Thomas Sofias, participated in the 7th Student Festival of Digital Creativity with the topic “Using the WEB 2.0 tools in our Erasmus+ project “4sustainable”. The festival was held in Patras. The presentation consisted of two parts. In the frst part students provided information about the Erasmus+ project “4sustainable” (title, logo, countries, activities, outputs etc.). In the second part, they presented some of the digital outputs of our project like Voki,  Kahoot,  Webpage, videos tips, board games etc. It was a very successful presentation and the whole experience was great for the students.

 The 7th Student Festival of Digital Creativity is an educational event that enables students to create and present digital projects developed during their Computer Science courses or as a part of other school activities (e.g. Erasmus+ projects, eTwinning projects, etc).

The Festival takes place in 17 Greek cities at the same time. On Friday, April 28, all the cities have connected via video conference to present the work of the candidate groups.

The festival gave students the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate their work to peers, teachers, parents and the wider community
  • inform and disseminate school activities that foster creativity.
  • improve communication between members of the school community (students, teachers, parents) and the wider society

More about the festival:

 Below you can watch photos from the festival:

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Below, you can watch the video from the festival (Our presentation starts at 03:05:00):

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