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Gymnasium Brede
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German Erasmus+ Team 

About school

"Schulen der Brede" is a Catholic school situated in the small town of Brakel in the rural Eastern part of North-Rhine-Westphalia. The next bigger city is called Paderborn. The school is attended by about 1300 students, who are taught by about 100 teachers. It offers secondary education and prepares students for university. The school consists of three different types of schools: a Secondary Modern School, a Grammar School and a Business School. Our students are between 11 and 19 years old.

school BREDE

Among a lot of other activities such as a special programme for Science or for preparing students for their future careers furthering foreign language competences is one of the main aims of our school to prepare our students for the European job market. We do not only offer foreign languages like English, French, Spanish and Latin at our school but also supply our students with the possibility of entering a bilingual branch (English-German) as well as several student exchanges (e.g. to England, France, Sweden). We have also been awarded the governmental certificate “European School in North-Rhine-Westphalia” for our Grammar School, which certifies that we have a special programme to prepare our students for Europe.

Erasmus+ Teachers' team:

There are five teachers in our teachers' team: Kathrin Mattern, subjects: English and R. E. (Religious Education); Jelena Gorczinsky, subjects: Biology and English; Elmar Sake, subjects: Maths and Physics; Wolfgang Hentschel, subjects: English and P. E. (Physical Education). Contact is Stefanie Reichelt, subjects: German and Geography.

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