Create collaboratively

We will mainly focus on four major issues- water, food, waste and energy. Our students will analyze their own environmental behaviour and the possibilities of improving it over time In order to reevaluate the effect of their personal behaviour on a global level working towards the next objective: to teach and locally transfer all their knowledge to younger children.

Teach locally

Our pupils will experience the importance of working locally, teaching younger kids from four different countries with different backgrounds and social interests, This part of the project focuses on using foreign languages making connections, seeing patterns, understanding the subjects and transferring their learning to others.

Share globally

All the output created will be shared globally. Our pupils will improve their digital skills. ICT tools and use of open practices will increase the effectiveness of education. All the outcomes will be shared via eTwinning, the project’s website and the EST database/Erasmus+ database. All created material will be open to everyone.

Act sustainably

Another important aspect, no matter how small the contribution of our project may be, is more than worthwhile to make students and local communities aware of adopting a more sustainable way of life.

Create collaboratively - Teach locally - Share globally - Act sustainably

Erasmus+/KA2 Strategic Partnership for schools 2015-2017

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